Monster 藍牙耳機及無線喇叭套裝[2款]
  • Hand-tuned Pure Monster Sound with tight, detailed bass
  • 3 listening options - Bluetooth, Wired and USB Direct Digital audio
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with apt-X
  • 24+ hour battery life
  • Dual sound profiles - Natural and Club
  • DJ-style swivelling ear cups
  • Plush, long-wearing memory foam ear cushions
  • Cutting edge swipe controls for play/pause, volume and track skip as well as your calls
  • Total noise isolation - no batteries required!
  • Ultra-durable construction
  • Soft carry case included
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定價 HK$1,999
價錢 HK$599


Monster Elements Wireless On Ear Headphones - 無線藍牙耳機[Black Slate黑色]


  • Monster Bluetooth for exceptional sound quality
  • Powerful Pure Monster Sound®
  • Design optimized for comfort
  • Ultra durable construction
  • Showroom beautiful finish
  • Memory Foam Cushions
  • Hard case included

Monster Superstar High Definition 無線藍牙喇叭[藍色]

  • Two Full-Range Speakers
  • Two Bass Radiators
  • Bluetooth Wireless
  • 3.5mm Line-In

The Superstar High Definition Bluetooth Speaker in neon blue from Monster Power is a compact stereo speaker that allows you to stream music wirelessly from Bluetooth-enabled devices or make a wired connection to music devices with a 3.5mm aux line out. The speaker is also equipped with a built-in microphone so that you can use it to make hands-free phone calls from your device. Noise cancellation means your calls will be heard clearly. Additionally, the speaker features a splash-resistant design for rugged durability no matter where you use it.

Stereo Sound
This compact speaker delivers premium wireless stereo sound - it's equipped with two full range speakers for clarity, and two bass radiators for rich bass
Wired or Wireless Connectivity
Stream music wirelessly from Bluetooth-enabled devices, or connect to any music device with a 3.5mm aux line out. The speaker is optimized for smartphones, tablets, notebooks and PCs
Make Hands-Free Calls
The built-in mic has noise cancellation to allow clear, wireless hands-free calling and conferencing
Rugged Design
The speaker features an Ingress Protection rating of IPX-4, making it splash resistant. Feel free to use it poolside

Monster iSport Victory In Ear Wireless Sport 無線藍牙耳機[黑色]


  • Pure Monster Sound™ wirelessly
  • Two Pure Monster Sound profiles (warm up and sport)
  • 8+ hours playback
  • Durable and sweatproof
  • Secure fit ear-hooks
  • 3 sizes of ear-tips in the box
  • Includes USB charging cable and soft carry pouch
  • Reflective cable

You can't get better in-ear wireless sports headphones than Monster's top-of-the-line Victory Bluetooth which pulls out all the stops when it comes to features, construction, and power. For one, Victory wireless sports headphones have a whopping 8+ hours of playback, making them a great option for road warriors, or simply, those who don't want to constantly charge their headphones. With a new premium, compact, and lightweight design, you'll hardly know that they are in your ears. High noise isolation gives you extreme focus for extreme results. Monster has even given the Victory Bluetooth wireless sports headphones two different modes exclusively designed for working out: Warm-Up and Sports. Victory Bluetooth is tailor-made for the athlete in everyone.

Monster Firecracker高清藍牙音箱[黑紅色]



  • NFC可快速配對,連續播放長達25小時
  • 輕巧且易於攜帶的登山扣和顏色匹配的錶帶 - 包括USB微型充電電纜
  • 清晰的通話,非常清晰的麥克風
  • 立體聲+ W5:來自2個全頻驅動器和無源低音散熱器的AA5聲音
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